Commitment To Sustainability At Custom Plastic Forming

Custom-tailored plastic manufacturing solutions rooted in sustainability!


Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Custom Plastic Forming, our team understands the negative impact that plastic waste has on the surrounding environment. That’s why we are committed to practicing a comprehensive sustainability program at our facilities that’s good for the environment and for our clients. From sourcing materials to production and shipping, we seek to minimize waste at every stage of our custom plastic manufacturing process. Here’s how our sustainability program operates:



Our custom plastic forming engineers carefully design and calculate the exact amount of material needed for your unique design to help minimize waste.



We send all recyclable scrap materials back to the recycler where they can be reprocessed into other products and materials, bypassing landfills for a healthier environment.



All scrap collected from the trimming and routing processes is accumulated for recycling.

We proudly recycle 98% of all raw materials able to be recycled, helping our clients participate in a sustainability process that’s great for the earth — and their peace of mind. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability by contacting our team for a custom plastic manufacturing quote today!


Why Choose Custom Plastic Forming?

As a custom plastic forming company, we recognize the significant impact that plastic waste can have on the environment. That’s why we are committed to 100% sustainability, minimizing waste at every stage of the manufacturing process to recycle the most materials. We always strive to recommend the most eco-friendly options to our clients for their custom thermoforming product designs, providing high-quality products that boast an incredibly low manufacturing carbon footprint. When you work with our plastic engineers, you’ll always receive:

Expert Guidance: From our sales and design team to our engineering and production professionals, we offer the expert guidance you need to make the most informed, eco-conscious decisions for your plastic manufacturing needs.
Exceptional Quality: We are proud to be ISO 9001 certified, AS 9100 compliant, and to conform to FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices, in addition to adhering to an industry-leading commitment to sustainable plastic manufacturing.
Unparalleled Skill: With hundreds of years of combined industry expertise across our plastic manufacturing team, we are confident in our ability to meet virtually any plastic production request.
Advanced Equipment: Our expansive 217,000-sq.-ft. facility is home to one of the largest heavy-gauge thermoforming machines, industry-leading 3D printers, and multi-axis CNC routing stations.

Ready to explore the possibilities of sustainable plastic manufacturing? Contact Custom Plastic Forming to learn more about our recycled raw materials selection and receive a prompt, personalized thermoforming quote today!


Custom Plastic Forming: Your Partners in Sustainability

When sustainable manufacturing is at the heart of your organization’s values, there’s no better partner for your thermoformed product needs than Custom Plastic Forming. For more than 24 years, we have proudly upheld an unparalleled commitment to sustainability, recycling as many raw materials as possible to do our part in protecting our planet. Find your sustainable plastic manufacturing partners by requesting a custom-tailored thermoforming quote from our team today.

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