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Personalized Plastic Design & Engineering

If you’re seeking an expert plastic manufacturing company that can act as your guide through the design and engineering process, look no further than Custom Plastic Forming. At Custom Plastic Forming, we facilitate the design and manufacturing of plastic components that meet each customer’s individual needs. From concept to production, we continuously seek opportunities to optimize and improve the quality, design, function, and manufacturability of your custom plastic products. Whether you have a concept or a fully designed model, our expert engineers will ensure your concept becomes a reality through our custom plastic design and engineering process.

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Our Plastic Design & Engineering Services

With hundreds of years of combined industry experience, our custom plastic engineers are uniquely capable of handling your design and engineering needs. We work closely with each client, collaborating with their internal design team and key stakeholders to deliver the custom plastic solutions that meet their precise specifications. Our design and engineering solutions include:

custom plastic engineer and designer
custom plastic designers and engineers

Custom Plastic Design

Using SolidWorks software, our plastic manufacturing professionals will work to complete a concept design that’s production-ready. We believe the best results always grow from a shared understanding of all application factors, including environmental exposure, mechanical conditions, end-user considerations, and budgetary requirements.


Reverse Engineering & Inspection

Even without client-supplied drawings or models, Custom Plastic Forming is able to reverse engineer virtually any part with our ROMER Digitizing Arm. Through our careful inspection process, we’ll ensure each component of the final design is within the appropriate tolerances.

3D Printing Prototyping

Part of the design and engineering process involves our rapid prototyping 3D printing services. During this step, we will 3D print prototypes to ensure the final design meets functional expectations prior to production. Custom Plastic Forming houses two 3D printers capable of producing parts as large as a four-foot cube, or as small as a 12-inch cube.


Turnkey Design & Engineering for Any Industry

For more than 24 years, Custom Plastic Forming has provided the turnkey plastic design and engineering services that industries need to remain operational. Our plastic forming expertise has been routinely called upon in the production of plastic components across many industries, including:





Consumer Products


No matter what industry your company belongs to, our plastic engineering experts can help you design and engineer the plastic products necessary to meet your manufacturing needs. Our plastic forming company is ISO 9001 certified and AS 9100 compliant, allowing us to serve your plastic design and engineering needs with ease. Receive a prompt, personalized quote from our team by contacting us today!

Why Choose Custom Plastic Forming as Your Design & Engineering Partner?

Since our inception, Custom Plastic Forming has been dedicated to helping industry professionals identify opportunities to improve ways of streamlining processes, maximizing efficiencies, and making plastic manufacturing as cost-effective and deadline-driven as possible. Our hundreds of years of combined industry expertise make us uniquely capable of creatively problem-solving methods that help our clients get the most out of their yield. Clients know when they choose our plastic forming engineers, they’re choosing:

custom plastic design and engineering services

Unparalleled Expertise: Boasting hundreds of years of combined industry expertise, our plastic design and engineering experts are second-to-none.

Advanced Equipment: Home to some of the largest heavy-gauge thermoforming equipment and state-of-the-art 3D printing and CNC routing stations, we are equipped to handle any plastic forming request.

Personalized Solutions: Our team goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver customized solutions that meet the individual needs of the industries and clients we serve.

Exceptional Quality: As an ISO 9001 certified plastic manufacturer and in compliance with AS 9100 guidelines, Custom Plastic Forming is proud to deliver superior quality in every production run we perform.

Whatever the size, scope, or complexity of your plastic design and engineering request, Custom Plastic Forming is the turnkey manufacturing partner you need by your side. Contact our team to request a custom plastic design and engineering quote today!

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No matter the size, scope, or complexity of your plastic forming request, Custom Plastic Forming is the team you need to get the job done right. Receive a fast, free quote from our team by contacting Custom Plastic Forming online today!


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