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Limitless Possibilities at Custom Plastic Forming

CNC routing is one of the most critical stages of plastic manufacturing during which your concept is fine-tuned to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and repeatability. Custom Plastic Forming is home to some of the most versatile CNC routing equipment, with multiple machining centers capable of handling virtually any custom plastic project. No matter what plastic parts your project requires, our CNC machines can get the job with unparalleled precision.

For the most well-designed, precise plastic components, there’s no better team than Custom Plastic Forming. Request a prompt, personalized CNC routing quote today!

CNC Routing & Trimming

Our multi-axis routing capabilities enable our team to finish both vacuum- and pressure-formed products, ensuring repeatability in precision drilling, trimming, and contouring with ease. No matter the size of your product, Custom Plastic Forming’s 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers can reproduce a wide variety of parts. Through these processes, we are able to deliver plastic solutions that are:


Our precise machinery and highly skilled team of plastic engineers can replicate or create products from scratch according to your exact design specifications.


By providing our clients access to sophisticated machining solutions in-house and offering a selection of sustainable materials, we are able to make production more cost-effective.


With our multi-axis routing machining centers, we are able to reduce the amount of time it takes to allow your unique vision to take shape.

Custom Plastic Forming is dedicated to being your plastic manufacturing partner from start to finish. Allow our team to deliver the long-lasting products you need by requesting a custom CNC routing quote today!



Why Choose CNC Routing with Custom Plastic Forming?

Since our founding more than 24 years ago, our family-owned and -operated custom plastic forming company has become a trusted plastic forming solutions provider for industry professionals throughout the United States. Our turnkey service offerings make us uniquely capable of designing, developing, and producing custom solutions for companies in virtually any industry, including:





Consumer Products


With more than 200,000 sq. ft. of space and multiple CNC routing machine stations, we are confident in our team’s ability to meet your custom plastic forming needs. Contact us to receive a prompt, personalized CNC routing quote and begin your project today!

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No matter the size, scope, or complexity of your plastic forming request, Custom Plastic Forming is the team you need to get the job done right. Receive a fast, free quote from our team by contacting Custom Plastic Forming online today!


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