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Value-Added Services


Our managed inventory programs simplify and streamline your supply logistics.

We offer custom stock and release programs, freeing up your resources and getting your components to you exactly when and where you need them. With 90,000 square feet of warehouse space available for holding parts, we can support small to large programs that maximize efficiencies in the supply chain for you and your customers.



Keeping parts moving to meet your supply chain requirements.

Our Customer Service and Shipping teams continuously communicate in order to ensure shipments are planned and staged in a timely fashion. Whether orders are picked up, shipped by common carrier, or delivered on our trucks, we take as much care with your logistics needs as we do with manufacturing the finest quality components.


A sustainability program that’s good for the environment and good for our customers’ bottom lines.

From sourcing materials to production and shipping, we seek to minimize waste. All scrap is returned to the raw material producer to be recycled into new durable product, keeping scrap out of the landfill and reducing cost throughout the supply chain.