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Quality Management

Quality management that keeps our production numbers exceeding customers’ and industry expectations.

We’re proud to be ISO 9001 Certified as well as AS9100 compliant. We also conform to FDA CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) as defined for food handling and packaging. We’re also proud of having production quality numbers that rank at the very top of manufacturing standards.

Our Defective Parts Per Million (DPPM) two-year average is 34. This number is far above industry standards which put anything below 500 DPPM as outstanding.

We develop inspection procedures that are appropriate to each process and part and follow any customer specified procedures. FAI is completed on every new part and validation is performed throughout production runs. We are able to inspect final pieces to exact specifications using our 8’ ROMER Digitizing Arm.

We believe quality management is a constant process.  It begins in the design stage and continues throughout production to final inspection, packing and shipment.  For this reason, our experienced Quality Team consists of:

Quality Manager
Quality Engineer
3 Quality Inspectors
Project Validation Technician
4 Design Engineers
Every operator and supervisor